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Well, as some of us know Dxtr finally got a marvelous time of 10:19 in Batman to NES, cutting srkfunkdocs previous 10:24.
His reactions were both strong and made of pure joy, even if his words might have been chosen in the heat of the moment.
Me myself have put together a small tribute to him as i'm pretty much feverish delusional, portraying his own words about this feat of strength,
congratulations Dxtr:

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Truly awesome! :3 Congrats Batman!
lol, "I am fucking batman!". Sounds like dxtr getting lucky *wink* *wink*

Now the battle against Cyghfer begins!
Hello Just here to post my time newest on Batman 16:09: http://www.twitch.tv/themexicanrunner/c/3469923
Hello, hope you checking this posts, i'm slow but here is my PB 15:50: http://www.twitch.tv/rise2win/c/5031566
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PresJPolk: 2014-09-04 01:29:10 pm
Hey submissions I apparently missed, let's post them.
Oh PresJPolk, i improove my result, now my PB is 15:14 http://www.twitch.tv/rise2win/c/5050768
Congratulations. Posted.