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I guess I can make a Braid thread! I guess it will be just me posting PB's.

I'd love for others to try speedrun this game though. Most games death = restart a level or maybe even the run is ruined. In Braid death = 1-2 sec lost (usually). But there are other stuff in Braid which a failure will lose a lot more time due to cycles and such. Let me know if you are interested in learning the speedrun route and I can guide you through.

Also, it is hard to say if I am good or not by only comparing myself to p-why :P

Latest PB:

I am currently # 2 in the world. Working towards that WR....
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Great run! I've never seen a Brain run before, and wow.
I still have this game in my backlog, backlog of shame. I do enjoy the runs tho =)
This is my favorite game for the past 5 years, so please do Ozzy, I would love watching a blind stream of this!
Hey Ozzy! Let me know if you ever want any help/tips on speedrunning Braid. Just give the word and I'll share skype info.
So I have quite a lot of info on how to speedrun Braid in a decent fashion. I thought I'd go ahead and make a "how to speedrun Braid" video. More to come.

"How to speedrun Braid":


The rest of the VOD's are in the description.
I got 2 PB's yesterday! The best one:

Congratulations! =D
Wooh, congrats man! :)
So I got a 24:48 yesterday (PB is 24:44 and WR is 24:21). I looked through the whole things and did some math.

I lost 24 seconds in stuff I consider easy to fix. I lost 30 sec in stuff which are harder, but fixable as well. I lost 2-3 sec in stuff that I would not try to fix too much.

That gives me an lower limit of about 23:53 in a "flawless" run with current strategies. WR for me is very doable atm.

WR uses a strategy in which saves 5 seconds more compared to mine but it is very risky. I see no need to learn that at the moment. Just perfect what I am doing.
That means you can do it KanBan! <3 Good luck!
Been a while since I visited this thread.

Current Braid PB is now 24:41 (WR is 24:21):

getting closer, keep it up!