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So, I've been focusing mainly on Maxim, the character that becomes available when clearing
the game with Juste once. To play as him you just have to input Maxim as name of your savegame-file.
Note that these times are made on Emulator, I'm currently looking into purchasing the game, a GameBoyPlayer
and stuff and actually get these time officially
. Until then I think the below videos might be amusing to watch :)

This game has suddenly become very attractive to learn in the CV community,
it's very fun and can look very good with all the tricks Maxim holds in his pocket.

I really would like to at least do the All Bosses category on a Marathon sometime.

I currently hold 2 of the WR:s, and I'm also going to start hyping Maxim Boss rush after I'm done with these two.
It's a close competition really, with a dedicated community I feel threatened each day!

Maxim All Bosses 0h:14m:57s

# of runs total: 117+
Closest competitor: 15:54 by ozzy

Awesome .. let's go sub 14:50 which is my final goal-time

Maxim Any% 0h:0m:46.66s

# of runs total: 2700+.
Closest competitor: 48.2 by Kainblox

Comments: This is almost a perfect run, as fast as a human can clear the game, at least with the current route that was discovered not THAT long ago. What COULD be improved is to zip up the first tower which is really inconsistent and frustrating. Also I could have gotten better Crit luck on Dracula, killing him with 2 Glitched Shurikens (Has only happened once or twice in my ~500 completed runs), making the projected total time maybe a high 44.

General Comments:

Maxim, he almost breaks the game as bad as Alucard in SOTN, but he does it in style. Below I describe some techniques used in these runs:

Maxim's way of pushing himself into walls, and as the physics works in this game, being in a wall pushes you upwards; Funny.
By quickly pressing and releasing a direction, then dashing in the opposite direction and finally pressing attack while at a ledge Maxim gains impressive speed and can cover large distances in a short amount of time. The speed also makes him able to enter walls, getting pushed upwards, and getting teleported to a seemingly irrational room in the castle. There are easier and Harder Zips, which will make you change the timing of the attack in your Whiplaunch.

Shuriken Glitch:
The Shuriken glitch was previously only used in TAS:es of the game, but with precise execution you can use them to quickly kill bosses with larger hitboxes like Dracula and both Minotaurs. What you want to do is to jump and throw the shuriken at the same time. You must then dive-kick into the enemy, and after that give him a hit with your sword. When the sword hits the enemy, IF the shuriken is also in the hitbox of the enemy, the shuriken will then damage the enemy on EVERY frame back to you.

Super! (Shinryogi):
Maxim's Strongest attack. It consumes Half of his Magic bar which means you can use it two times in a row(!).
The Input for it is right, left, down, but oddly enough doing it in the air feels much much easier.

Edit 1: Actually I found a GameCube, GameBoy Player at Retrospelsmässan, and I've already ordered the HoD Cart, so Soon I can say that I actually have these records for realzies :), also I'm going to try to get a capture card soon and make SDA Attempts
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Holy shit I have an 18:12!?

That's not totally garbage at least in my book. ^^

I know Charleon want me to get a sub 17 but we'll see what happens. I think sub 20 SotN should be first on the list, then re-learning Akuji the Demon for ESA.

Anyhow, looking forward to attempts on the real deal when you get your capture card and get all that figured out. =)


Should probably look in the tech part of the SDA forums where there is a guide for SDA acceptable video quality with EzCap :)

I've gotten a 16:15 by now!

Me and Charleon have been doing a couple of races on SRL and it's been a blast so far!
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Charleon: 2013-08-16 09:48:09 am
Nice ozzy! Sub 16 should be a good goal for you! :)
Might as well update that i took a new WR (14:57) a couple of weeks ago :)
Oh, you wanted a sub 16? Here's a sub 16 for you!

Picture of the splits in the attachment.
Wow Ozzy! Welcome to the sub 16 club!! , happy to see you taking such a liking to the cathegory, even though zips are a bitch :D
I'm starting to feel a bit threatened, at least in races! if you pop this time in races you could very well beat me. You gave me a sub 16, and with a good death--fight, this would have been at LEAST a 15:30, which i challenge you to next. 15:24 was the last WR I had before the whopping 14:57 so you're really catching up :P
So, I got a 53-54sec run of Maxim Any% yesterday, I don't care enough for it to make a highlight of it or anything...also I hit my split too early at 51-52sec. So it looks bad, lol.

Aiming for a flat 50 or 51 for this silly category.
Might as well update this now that I have time: So i've COMPLETELY broken Maxim Any% with a time of 46.04, it's now barely improvable by execution alone.
I also got a totally sick time of 14:09 in All Bosses. The 46.04 has been accepted to SDA and I'm awaiting for the second one to be as well,, enjoy: :)

Maxim All Bosses 14:09

Maxim Any% 46.04