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curseddolls: 2013-12-28 12:22:01 pm
100% gamer
This is my first sketch for the print on the ESA shirts.
Leave comment on what you think.
Remember it is a fast sketch so it's not polished.

I will create more so you can just choose from some I create
and we can make the last finnish touches after that.

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So far so good imo. I assume the letters will be filled with something.
100% gamer
Yes this is just a fast sketch
yeah! some a shirt would be really nice :)
Looks good!

From what I understand you would need to convert the sketches to vector gfx in order to print them on shirts.
100% gamer
I dont know how they will do it but they said they could re make sketeches them selves as well.
But this is no where near finnish, this sketch took at max 15-30 minutes.
It's great if they can make the conversion.

Basically vector graphics is not an image, but rather lots of vectors (mathematical shapes if you will) which can be re-sized to any size. Which you would want to if you are printing S -> XXL shirts.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_graphics It's really neat!
100% gamer
I know what vector is :) have been "working" with graphic/sketch work since i was little.
I'm just not good at changing to vector myself, only worked in photoshop.
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curseddolls: 2013-12-30 12:07:49 pm
100% gamer
another one

liked the "ESA" here but probably with something else around it.
Agreed that the "ESA" looked better at the last one.
100% gamer
So I copied the ESA and the controller and got this:

Decide on one and I'd be willing to craft the vectors. (in ai)
100% gamer
As long as you show me the result so I can say if I want tweaks or not. ^^
Sure, sure.
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Partystar: 2014-01-02 07:57:03 pm
I really like the first one. Looks very cool. Maybe the abbreviation ESA should be fully spelled out somewhere, on the back of the shirt would be cool.
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Edenal: 2014-01-07 11:27:06 am
We need to decide if we want to give up the current ESA-logo.

I personally like that one a lot! And people already know it. For the T-shirts I would very much like that logo to be the most prominent one.
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curseddolls: 2014-01-07 01:43:06 pm
curseddolls: 2014-01-07 01:39:44 pm
100% gamer
In my opinion.. No.. The logo dont have to be the most prominent on the shirt.
Not even *GDQs shirts have their logo on it, this is just to have something extra.

Saying the logo has to be most prominent really hinders the way to create a unique shirt just for us
like it's suppose to be.

You should think outside the box sometime, if you really wanted something that simple
that requered no free design what so ever then you could have done this job yourself.
The whole idea is to create something that shows support love and care for the event.
Just having the logo would not do that.

And if it makes any difference I was going to use the colours from the logo since I wanted
to connect it with the logo without using it on the shirt.
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Partystar: 2014-01-07 03:50:19 pm
Not saying that it should be on the shirt, but I agree with Edenal. I also like that logo. Maybe the logo can be put on the back of the shirt? I would leave the logo for everything else, such as the Web site etc.
100% gamer
Quote from Partystar:
Not saying that it should be on the shirt, but I agree with Edenal. I also like that logo. Maybe the logo can be put on the back of the shirt? I would leave the logo for everything else, such as the Web site etc.

Are you saying you agree that you like the logo and it should have a prominent feature of the shirt or that you just would like to see it on the shirt somewhere?
Oh yes I see the contradiction in my reply. I meant, that I liked the logo as well and shouldn't give up on the logo all together. But for the T-Shirt I personally wouldn't care much if it's on there or not. I like the designs you made for it too!
100% gamer
From my own point of view doing this project would mean so much to me.
Creating something from scratch that people then would buy and wear
would be the biggest thing I have ever done.

I dont have a job and doing this would be a great thing in my resumé.
Why not actually take advantege of us people in the community that knows what they are doing.

And its not like we can tweak any idea that will be dropped by if it's not
100% to peoples liking.
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Edenal: 2014-01-07 06:38:21 pm
I do not want the shirt to have a big ESA-logo on them. Unless it's the same logo that we use for everything else. Or using a logotype at all.

ESA is becoming a brand, much like *GDQ. That's why I do not believe it's a good idea so use other logos. It's simply confusing.
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curseddolls: 2014-01-07 06:50:30 pm
curseddolls: 2014-01-07 06:50:13 pm
100% gamer
one its not a logo and for the second shouldn't you ask the rest first before making a decision?
I thought you ran everythimg trough together with the rest of the team as you have done with everything else so far.
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Edenal: 2014-01-07 07:41:18 pm
Edenal: 2014-01-07 07:40:57 pm
Major decisions like the overall direction of the event, selecting a charity, rules on site, purchasing of hardware, etc. Are made after discussion and consensus within the planing group. Minor decision are made by individuals which right now is me. In this scenario it's my personal opinions. But I'm confident the other will agree with me in this matter.

The three sketches you've made (which looks great) all have the one thing in common. Capital ESA-letters. I interpret that as a logotype.

Here's some of the digital art we had for ESA2013. I believe we want to keep the profile we currently have.
Link: www.lidholt.se/images/ESA_Digital_Art.zip
The font is Basica 2.0. It's a commercial font but you can find the English letters from free I think.