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100% gamer
well one idea i had was having the letters and have a more background picture around it like i did
towards ludendi once

just have been a bit insecure that it would be good enough..
I wanted the ESA letters the controller and a picture behind it with beloved game characters.
That's really good!

Promotion poster good!
100% gamer
well my idea was to have something like this on the shirt together with the ESA and the controller..
i can start work on some sketches but only if the esa thing stays.

if not just an image i guess with a small text European Speedster Assembly underneat it.
Otherwise, I really like stylistic shirts. Textless ones are great. I'm thinking about stuff like http://i.imgur.com/QGfJg18.jpg .
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Quote from curseddolls:
if not just an image i guess with a small text European Speedster Assembly underneat it.

Quote from Wolfie:
Textless ones are great.

thats same thing as i just wrote :) plus i want ours to be unique i feel like the exapmle u gave is used on many places already.
100% gamer

something i worked together this morning.
will fill it with more characters if this is something that interests you.
have another idea developing in my head as well and will be sketching it down later.
Edenal i understand how you don't want to abandon the logo, but imo a shirt is not a buisness card, it should not be as professional, tbh i would not wear a shirt that has that big "professional" and tight logo of ESA because i think it's not fun for a shirt, i'd rather have 1 with a bunch of game characters on it and that looks fun.

just my personal opinion i guess, but i think alot of people would probably share it, if the "real" ESA logo would be on the shirt somewhere on the back or whatever and not too big, i'd be fine with it tho
100% gamer
started working on another type of design, going to add more character here as well,
have just started with it.

Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
I would also want to agree with both Curseddolls and Edenal. First: We should not abandon the logo. It should be prominently featured on the website, the stream overlays, the Twitch page, the Twitter and a potential Facebook site.

However, it does not imho need to be featured on the T-shirts in a prominent way. One suggestion would be to have the cube on a top corner, another one to put it on the sleeves or on the back. The front should, as Cursed and others suggested, be a great picture, much like the yetee shirts on sale for *GDQ marathons. I'm going to be honest, if our 'shirt' is our cube logo and nothing/not much else, then I might be inclined to retract my 'I'll definitely buy an ESA shirt'.

On the other hand, I don't see much wrong if the letters A, S and E are featured in reverse order somewhere inside the picture. I do agree that the focus of the shirt should not be on something that could be misinterpreted as a new ESA logo.

I also wish to say that I find it great that you are so eager to do this for all of us, Cursed. I very much like the sketches and picture I see on this page.

I do also hope that what I perceive as a possible dispute between you two is the result of misunderstandings. I want to say 'please don't take anything personally', but I feel that that could be outside of my competences.
100% gamer
I can agree with having it on one of the sleeves instead of the back,
that can be a nice small detail that I can agree on.

And thanks alko, reason why I'm trying to get a good sketch this early is since I want
everything to be ready before sign up so people have a hum on how it will look like.

So come with as much feedback as you (people) can on the stuff I do it will be a lot of help
for the end result.
Alko: Well put!

Curse: I like Alko's idea with having the letter E, S, A spread out within the picture. Perhaps the Chomp-Chomp could be eating parts of the S? Mario, Bowser and a couple of others with fire attack could be attacking one of the other letters?

I don't know how much detail that can be shown on a printed T-shirt. And how color translates?
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Sure I can start work on a forth sketch
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100% gamer
Since my pc is back to work I'm back to work in photoshop instead of sketches..
This is my first try on shirt design

Implemented donkey kong to the image

Looking awesome!
It looks a little weird when the vector arrows adjust for the blackspace but the characters doesn't. (See: Isaac's head)

And, are we allowed to sell that design? Like, do we fly below copyrights?
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curseddolls: 2014-01-28 05:38:00 pm
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curseddolls: 2014-01-28 12:59:10 pm
100% gamer
since the money is not profitable as a real commercial or company issue it's not a problem.
(to be completely secure about this question I can contact the company we are going to use for creating them and see what they say)
I could lower or remove the top of Isaac's head enough so only his head wont get splitted
but the Link would be harder without interrupting with the image
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j4sp3rr: 2014-01-28 05:35:26 pm
j4sp3rr: 2014-01-28 05:35:11 pm
the LINK looks fine but the Isaac is just a little weird because its a really small part of him missing
100% gamer
yeah the isaac is an easy fix.. but what do you people think in general of it..
tweaks is easy to fix..
in general it looks good ;D
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Wolfie: 2014-01-28 11:36:37 pm
Wolfie: 2014-01-28 11:36:35 pm
Link, Sora, and Megaman all survive the cut relatively unharmed. Sonic's hand looks weird though, but it's nothing you'd notice unless you were looking.

But overall? Great design. I'd buy two.
Edit history:
curseddolls: 2014-01-29 09:53:06 am
100% gamer
Ok I just fix isaac then :)
Anything else you can think of?
I could remove the upper part of sonics hand it wouldn't be noticing if you think that's an idea
Nah, I can't really see anything else. I'd keep sonic's hand; as I said, it's only if you actively look for problems you'll notice it.
tbh removing the top of sonics hand would probably look less weird? but that's just in my general opinion, i'd say try it and we can compare, i mean it's little small stuff but optimizing that stuff while we can might still be good?
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Shouldn't there be a yoshi, frantically trying to re-catch floating-away baby Mario? ;)
Otherwise very nice design. 11/10; would wear every day ^^
100% gamer

ok here are some tweaks as been spoken of