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Now that i carefull look at the picture, it seems like in the splits the picture moves around a bit, i'll try to detail a few examples form top to bottom

* Link's sword holder seems link of out of line(possibly moving his head slightly to the left could fix that
* Sonics head seems a bit shifted to the left off his body (as to be seen in his belly part)
* Daxter's and DK's body's both seem a bit more shifted to the left than their bottom parts(Daxter's Belly and DK's Arm dont match up)

now these are tiny details, i just have crazy ocd, the rest of the characters seem to come out fine and are awesome,
i hope you don't experience this as whining or anything, i'm really plucky apart the image i guess
100% gamer
This project is going to be removed since I wont get a confirmation about
the design before the registration will occur.

But if u like the design that I created and want to use it I will give you a png file of it and you
can create it on any shirt site like spreadshirt or whatever.