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No WR right now, but as I'm the current WR holder and I'm 100% sure my WR will be beaten again this year (by me or CarNage or everyone else), I already create this topic to discuss a little about this game.

FFVII has a lot of speedrun categories :

1) PC or console
I play on console because PC is really to random with game's speed. It's possible to improve your time by more than 1 hour just by running the game faster than it should be ! But everybody can't do this, and it also depends of your PC itself. With console it's easy : PS2 Slim is recommanded because of the Fast Disc option, but at least everybody has the same chances.

2) Jap, US or PAL
PAL is pretty useless because the game is 20% slower. US is the main category (I run this one). Japanese is a little faster nontheless, but less famous.

3) Slots or No Slots
Slots is a Cait Sith's limit break ; with one of them, you can one-shot most of the bosses. I prefer No Slots category as it needs more strategy. Of course Tifa is almost always here with her strong damages but the situation is different for each boss as you have to deal with the damages they can do.

4) Single segment, multiple segment, Real Time Attack
I play Single segment because it's a real challenge to focus for almost 8 consecutive hours ! RTA means you can save and load your file if you die, but on console we only focus on Single Segment. RTA is used on PC thanks to a glitch.

5) Normal, glitchless, Yuffie Warping
In the normal route a few skips are used to save almost 30 minutes. For the moment it's still OK (nothing awfully glitchly but maybe the Midgar skip at the end of CD2), but if the game becomes too much glitchly it's possible I'll switch to a glitchless run. Yuffie Warping is a glitch (PC only) that allows you to finish the game in less than 3 hours. But it needs 2 different files so it can't be RTA.

So I play on console, US, No Slots, Single segment, normal route. WR was 8h00'51" by CarNage until I improved it in November 2013. I improved it a few times until 7h48'45". My main collaborations are :
- find a route for the entire game (during the game, if you walk instead of run, you can avoid some random encounters ; until I speedrun the game, a route was found until the middle of CD1, but I improved it and find a route until the end of the game, to avoid something like 12 random encounters)
- no Magic Hammer anymore (Magic Hammer is an enemy skill that allows you draining enemies' MP ; this enemy skill was helpful for 2 bosses : Schizo and Carry Armor ; it's not important against Carry Armor but the battle against Schizo is a way harder, but if you do it well it's even faster than with the enemy skill !)
- manipulating Zolom (I found a way to pass Midgar Zolom a way easier)

Since last year guys like BrutalAl, Kynos, Puwexil or Deathtome found some strategies too and at least 15 minutes are saved now. I'm wondering which new strats will be found this year. ^^

I'll end my post with my WR of course. ^^
http://www.twitch.tv/kartseven/c/3558032 (part 1)
http://www.twitch.tv/kartseven/c/3558040 (part 2)

I plan to do a tutorial one day but it'll be French. I'll try and do an English summarize when I'll have time.
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Looking forward to it, FF7 is one of the best game ever and I am curious about it! Midgar Zolom scare me back in the day!