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Hi, i'm taking the liberty to start a thread about my favorite game Yoshi's Island.

There has been lots of good times the last week, most of them has been in the warpless category. Lee broke the world record this weekend, I wasn't there to see it but from what i heard it was a run with one death and the time is 1:47:0X.
Earlier that week crispy improved his time from ~1:52 to a 1:48:03, that time would have been a world record 2 weeks ago but mt numbers broke his own world record 2 times in one day and he is currently at the time 1:47:33.

As of now the standing in the warpless leaderboards are 1. Lee, 2. mt numbers, 3 crispy. Personally i think that mt will get a 1:46:XX this month and force Lee to practice even harder and it will be a fun competition between the two, I wonder at what time one of them will give up.
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