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j4sp3rr: 2013-11-10 07:00:45 pm
streaming all the games in the title over on:

come and hang out, i'm basically practising those three games i exchange them when i get mad at one of the games xD

mirror's edge is glitchless because that's a more enjoyable way to run the game and also to watch i think, i might start doing some more any% but the kickglitches are just stupid hard.

i ocassionally race too.

thanks for checking the post :)
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I've never seen a Mirror's Edge run, glitchless or not, but I've played the game two times. What are the glitches like?
Wolfie the glitches are crazy basically we can jump off a wallrun-kick making us able to skip all of chapter 7(the boat) and skipping most big jumps and stuff, the game can be finished in 39 minutes glitches, and even without that kickglitch we can use a deathabuse or 2 making the game a bit faster as well(we can skip 2 sections in chapter 7 by jumping up to a certain spot then dying) it's a pretty cool run :)
I decided to watch the 39-minute run and i see an air jump within the first 40 seconds. Woah.
yeah the run zubmit did was crazy, also that was still not 100% optimal, but we all pretty much gave up cuz the game is too reset heavy and zubmit was the most consistent of us all