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Hello guys,

most of you might know me thanks to ESA 2013. My name is Robert and I am known as Sunblade, the current world record holder in Resident Evil 4 (New Game+). I am 24 years old, live in Germany and still a huge fan of fighting games like Street Fighter. I am going to run Resident Evil 4 at AGDQ next year so I hope that you will check it out.

If you are interested in my RE4 runs you should follow me on twitch (twitch.tv/sunblade89) or Twitter (XxSunbladexX). I am planning to visit ESA 2014 with exe next year so I will hope that we will see each other again.

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sup son :) welcome to the community and hope you have fun here and to see you @ ESA :D HYPEEE
Sure. I will do my best to come next year. :)
Welcome! Please start threads about your progress on different games! :)
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yeah welcome as people have said and may I ask why not try speedrun code veronica x :)

Your RE4 run during ESA 2013 was really enjoyable.

See you around :)
I like 3rd-Person-Games!

You can expect an even better run next year. :)
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Well code veronica x is third person as well.
Just asked since its not far apart from when they where released and never seen anyone done code veronica only 4 and 3.
Hi Friend :D and Neighboor ;) Living in Belgium but working in Aachen Germany :D nice to meet you.
I started to play CVX for the first time. We'll see. :)

Heyho! Im living in Aachen! ;)
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ah nice.. code veronica x was my own favourite re games of the newer ones..
never liked the 4 one since that's when they started to have those weird crazy humans.
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Welcome aboard ^^