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Just signed up here. I was planning to help out with ESA more this year so I guess I'll mostly hang out in the marathon planning section. This is NINTENDO records after all :p.

If you don't know or remember me from the last ESA, my irl name is Tim, I live in Lund, I speedrun Sonic 2, 3 &K and also I'm thinking about expanding with some other game but isn't sure of which.

See you around!
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Welcome TimpZ!

It's nice to see you around again
Welcome! :D

Ludendi has a separate part of the forums, but if you play those games on a Nintendo Machine, we could probably add them if you want to! ;)
I usually play on my Wii with a GC-controller but, and I think this is amazing, there's a genesis > SNES adapter that allows you to play SEGA games on it :p.
How "Helloooooooow!" can you go?
Hi Timpz!
Good to see you around here again! Let's plan the crap out of ESA this year ;D
100% gamer
welcome :)

and... plan plan plan :))