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Hello to all the people in Team Ludendi forums! My name is Arzga and I'm a quite new speedrunner from Finland.

I have been watching speedruns for a couple of years now. It all started at AGDQ 2011 if I rememer correctly. I watched ESA first time this summer, and I really enjoyed it. To be honest, it was the ESA 2013 that gave me the idea of speedrunning myself. So as you can see, I haven't been practicing this stuff for long.

So far my speedrunning consists of following games:

Chip 'n' Dale for NES (PAL-version) PB: 12:23
TaleSpin for NES (PAL-version) PB: 19:50
Donald Duck Quack Attack for GameCube (also known as Goin' Quackers in America) PB: 45:02 (WR?)
Crash Bandicoot for PS1 PB: 57:57 (Still in learning-mode)
Crash Bandicoot 3 for PS1 PB: 55:48 (also in learning-mode)

All of my speedruns are played on PAL-consoles. I have been looking for a NTSC-NES from Finland and also in Tradera, eBay etc. but I haven't found one that isn't too overpriced.

I have streamed on my channel from 2010. It has been all-casual gaming in finnish until this summer, when I started speedrunning. I am planning to start a new channel for english-spoken speedruns someday, because many of my followers in my channel want the streams to be in finnish. So in future I'm planning to have two channels, one for english speedruns and one for finnish speedruns and casual gaming.

I almost applied to stream in the Halloween Marathon, but I chickened out. Razz My goal is to be streaming in the ESA, potentially next year if possible at any means. This introduction really growed much larger than I intended, but I thank you if you really read all of this. I'm really glad to be part of this community.
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Welcome to the community! Please look around and write! Don't be a stranger! :D
100% gamer
That is a lot of games for someone that is new. ^^
But nice to see you here and maybe see u at ESA next year. :)
Welcome to the community man, look around and have fun :D
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Moar Finns H y P e ! ^__^
Hey Arzga!

It can be a bit intimidating to join an online speedrun event such as the Halloween marathon but it's good to get practice for doing commentary and playing in-front of a live audience with only one shot at it. So I highly recommend it if you get the chance!

In any case, welcome to the community.
Thank you all for your nice comments, it's good to feel welcome. I will try to be as active as I can on the community!