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Hi !

I'm Pierre, French player, 30 years old.

I register here because I have good chances to make ESA this year. I already planned to do it last year (by speedrunning Dragon's Lair and Super Mario Kart) but couldn't make it. But I'm confident this year will be the good one. Smile I should speedrun Final Fantasy VII (I'm the current WR holder in Single Segment No Slots console version with 7:48:45) and Super Mario Kart. In other terms, my 2 favourite video games (that's why I'm KartSeven ^^).

I got an invitation to join your team ; I accept it without any doubt and I hope I'll be a credit to it by making the ESA. Wink

See ya !
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100% gamer
oh was it u who where suppose to run dragons lair?
I was so sad to hear it was removed :(
Welcome to the team man :D
Hey Pierre. Welcome to the Ludendi forum.
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Yess! This board needs moar Final Fantasy <3 :3
Welcome to the best online team! Please post stuff in the forum! Looking forward to see your stream and perhaps see you at ESA? Dancing