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100% gamer
I was first a bit skeptic to even write until i read Aragni's post.
I'm not a speedrunner as he/she also said, but a casual gamer that spend 100% of my free time on games.
There is mostly only two genres i don't play and that's strategy and shoot em up.

I'm also a twitch streamer and since I'm a full time gamer I'm also a full time streamer
so i stream everyday not all time everyday but yeah everyday.
I started to stream when torchlight 2 was released so haven't been going on for that long,
but its my highlight of the day since i love to connect with my viewers.

Gaming wise i have been a gamer since i could crawl basically, grew up with a nes
(only console i ever had as childhood sadly) and thinks that snes is the best console ever made.
I'm not going to go off to much here as i so easily can do, last and only thing I'm going to say is though...

This years esa is going to be AWESOME!

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Welcome girl! :D Looking forward to ESA aswell!

I might plan that Adventure Game Marathon that I want to hold with Ludendi on here, so be sure to check that out! I will tell you whenever it starts!
100% gamer
Awesome, i will try to contribute to it with kings quest as we spoke of before..
But I'm not nearly as good as you guys are..