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exe: 2013-09-26 09:06:52 am

I'm exe from Germany and i speedrun since 2011. I'm also an active member of SDA und manage the Gex 3D Topic there.
My englisch is not very good, but i hope it's not a problem. :/
I have the best known time in Gex 64 Enter the Gecko any% and do SM64 0-Star Runs too.

I'll go to ESA 2014 and safe my money from now on ^^
A good friend (Sunblade) was there this year.

Here is my livestream:

It's nice to be here and i hope that i can build up some contacts with other EU Runners ^^
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I like your avatar. Sonico is rad.
100% gamer
Welcome and hope to see you at ESA :)
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
And another one of them Germans xD Griaß di und wuikumma ^^
well hello form the small neighbour Austria^^
Hi there!

SM64 0-star runs sounds hardcore 0_0

Welcome to the forum ^_^
They are not easy, but my problem is, that i destroyed decent runs AFTER the DDDskip XD

You can see it in my Twitch Highlights.