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Hi guys, I'm a Yoshi's Island warpless speedrunner from Sweden. My current PB is 1:52:21. My goal is to play the game until I get bored of it, which will probably be ~1:50:XX.

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100% gamer
till u get bored :) now that's not the spirit ^^
but welcome to our lair and hoe to see u at ESA :)
Cool. I used to know another warpless YI runner, but he moved, so.

Anyway, hope you get your 1:50:XX sometime!
thanks guys, i should be able to do a 1:50:XX right now if i have a good run. I hope that i will be able to make it to ESA :)
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Yoshi's Island! ^___^ Swag-taculat TriHards approaching \o/
haha, no swag for me! I just die when i try to anything that's even close to swag. Even Mr TriHard himself loses lots of time in every world due to swag and i'm not that good yet that i can afford to lose time being silly, it looks cool but it's not the way i play it :)
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That so doesn't matter; just keep practising swag, and you'll be able to rock the show ;) Like I even ever started practising swag … I plan on doing so, though :3
nice! it looks really cool but i don't like doing it myself. what category do you run?
Good luck, i hear you have been awesome at YI, even if you started out just recently! cookie
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Alko: 2013-10-20 07:24:21 pm
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
No Yoshi at all, so far; I'm still busy with other projects (mainly JRPGs), but it's on my list. I'ld probably be a 100 % person, because that's the way I am ^^
*munches Svenne's cookie* *__*
thanks guys, yes a cookie pls aiwebs_002. I just got a new PB today 1:50:37, gonna go for sub 1:50 now