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Nikneim: 2013-11-15 12:00:48 pm
Well hello there, peoples of Ludendi! I'm Nikneim (it's pronounced exactly like Nickname), a 17 year old speedrunner wannabe from Finland.

My streaming began in summer 2010 and I've continued my streaming hobby to this day. I've mainly streamed in Finnish, except for that one time I streamed and 2 friends of mine came in with fake accounts speaking Finnish. Damn, I really need to speak more English. I started actively watching speedruns after seeing how much fun ESA 2013 was (Dark Souls Kotti & former friends, GTA III Rave%, GTA VC Karaoke%)

I don't have any records or even full runs, that's why I called myself a speedrunner wannabe. I have completed the first world of Darksiders 2 in under 60 minutes!... Then the second world came and shoved insane amounts of OoB and difficult minibosses down my throat... I did try Battleblock Theater and Saints Row 4!... once. You get the point. I'm still trying to find teh gaem, it's a critical part of speedrunning.

I did participate in a small race with other people. I played Megaman 10 against 5 other people and became 2nd. Yay for me?

Anyway, I love what you guys are doing and I decided to join the party! :)
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100% gamer
welcome to the club and I hope you enjoy it her as well as I hope to see you at ESA maybe?! :)
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Nikneim: 2013-11-14 07:56:52 pm
Maybe! I'm definitely considering it. Depends on the money situation and how my parents will handle the trip. They're kinda over-protective about some things, but only for a while. My travels in Finland were a big no-no for them at first, but nowadays I'm doing trips on my own and they're super ok with it.
Hey there!

I hope you find a game you enjoy to run. But just being a viewer and taking interest in speedrunning in general is cool =)
100% gamer
woho for the viewer scale ^^
lets hope you can get to ESA as well, my parents were really protective at first but once they know it's your hobby and doing what you love they will accept it in the long run, nowadays i can go to whatever marathon i want to so long as i can pay for them myself
100% gamer
and just to be clear, its just as a nice feeling to be at ESA just as a viewer.
you will still have a lot of fun and such a nice experience.

being a viewer at ESA is definitely nothing bad.. :)
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Moar Finns  H y P e ! ^___^