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Hello I´m 28 years old from Sweden live in Öland I speedrun Resistance 3, Ratchet and Clank t-o-d and nexus, I´m still working on Resistance 1-2 I know I started back to front but that´s how I work some times. I would like to help out the community in any ways I can I have been talking to people about speed running, it has been such a enormous help for me when I have fibromyalgia a sever form of it too and IBS which does´nt really help :P but it has kept me going through everything.
And I have you guy to thank for it.
So thank you 
I would like to help out so if you need to talk to me so to speak just contact me no worries just that I´m really slow to respond some times I get really sick some times and it can take me some time to get back on my feet and to the computer;P but I will get to the computer eventually :).
Take care everyone and keep being awesomegrin new
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