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exe: 2013-10-05 06:22:38 pm
I've linked my Stream in my Presentation Thread, but i'll tell you here, on which days i stream and what games you can see.

My Maingame ist Gex Enter the Gecko, but I'll run the sequel Gex Deep Cover Gecko in the Future too.
Besides of this, i stream often SM64 1 and 0- Star Runs. I know that SM64 is "overrunnt" and there are a lot of better SM64 Runners out there, but 0-Star is a rar categorie (especially outside japan).
I'll start with DK64 and Sonic Adventures (DC Version) in the next month and probably study a bit in the God of War Series.

I stream every Sunday and very often on Monday around 8 PM  (CET / Europe)
On Thursday i stream @ 9 PM and this is a [German Thursday] where i only speak German (for 3 Hours ;))

and this is the link:

I hope that i can welcome some of you Ludendi guys in my Streams ^^ see you then.
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