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I was to Nyeport, and sadly they were booked the 1'st and from 14:00 the 3'rd. However, we could be there from around 1am on the 2'nd to a bit before 14:00 the 3'rd (I put in a preliminary booking for us). If Nyeport themselves (they're the one using the area on the 1'st decides to have their chill-zone in the Café, we could theoretically go there a few hours earlier, but we'd only have the Showroom (the room from which ESA2013 was streamed). If we decide within the week, we could also have the time and info in their pamphlet if we want to.
Showroom is big enough for this, book it! Then atleast for a day we can stream onsite here in Skövde! <3 Then we can start working on the schedule!
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so we might have a place then to meet at that would be nice..
i guess sleeping place is too much to ask so i guess i have to get a bus there and back the same day
I live a short walk away (about 15 minutes?) and I have a second bed + a couch (it's a bit short, but I'm used to sleeping on it) so theoretically I could take two people in for the night.
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Svenne: 2013-10-02 07:38:11 pm
I rather have an inflatable bed and just sleep somewhere in nyeport, I also live outside of town... But we got it for 30+ hours now! which is nice! :3
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so we can sleep in nyeport?
Well, from what I know you're not actually allowed to sleep there at all, but...
oh ok, that kinda sucks. But you are allowed to be there 24/7 but not have one or two people sleep! We can find a way :3
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i think that is weird because when the event a fish was at nyeport they slept there (i think)..
UN Squadron!!! KVD <3

If you are starting the schedule, here's a game I can commentate for (if Charleon runs it) Harmony of Dissonance! He is good at commentating himself but I don't think a little back-up would harm ;)

I'm debating on running some SotN category other then Any% (which would be a lot more relaxed) seeing as this is not a marathon where the run needs to be excellent. Alternatively I could perhaps do SotN BINGO for the hell of it...would make it very unpredictable and I don't actually know how to "beat" all the goals on it :P
My speedrun catagory would be any% I guess.

"All puzzle pieces" does not make any sense actually since you have to take all to complete the game (we have not been able to glitch out of that one ... yet). Also, if you only take all the puzzle pieces then you have not completed the game either as the last world does not have any puzzle pieces.

Getting technical with Braid, YEAH!
Quote from curseddolls:
i think that is weird because when the event a fish was at nyeport they slept there (i think)..

Yeah, wait, I'm wearing my shirt from when I worked at SF5 with AFISH there, how could I forget? I don't really know the rules for sleeping there.
I have a brother who is pretty good at speedrunning Heroes 3. He can do a large heroes 3 map on hardest difficulty in 2 hours or less. He can also do Saturday in the daytime.

Hope this is not too late :)
His nickname is "Inthescissor" btw.
Its not to late, heroes 3 id s top 5 pc games so i am interested! I will put this under work in progress
Nice. Here is his lastest and first recorded speedrun from yesterday:

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I can do point and click adventure if that is wanted(?)
my alice is not really ready, i can run chapter 1-4 but 5 i have never touched.
I could possibly try Wind Waker (to Master Sword, because I decided I want that part down solid before I go on to practise the rest of the game), but I'll probably fuck up and softlock the game at Greatfish.
give suggestions curseddolls! :)

Softlock, I ahte that stuff! But yeah, I guess master ssword races are a thing on SRL so would be nice to see!
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kings quest 7 or deponia 1 if you are interested
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that link did not work for me..
how long would the games take? you need to be logged into google-docs to be able to see
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little over 1 hour on each.. i have a timed session on deponia on my higlights
ok, I add both runs then, also deponia looks really awesome!
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curseddolls: 2013-10-04 08:59:56 pm
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when deponia though i would like to use some cut scenes in the run cues they are hilarious