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Hey d00ds!
I'd love to run a game or two! The main one I've been thinking about is Magrunner: Dark Pulse which is a first person puzzle game (big surprise).
I'd estimate about 1:20 with setup and a shitty run so... yeah.
I could maybe relearn Costume Quest if ya'll want Halloween themed runs but I don't know if I have time with school and so forth.
Magrunner is a pretty spooky game in itself so it'll still be in the spirit of Halloween :3

Also, I might be able to hang out on site for a day which would be cool but I don't know how the PC streaming setup will look on site so maybe it's better if I actually do my run from home..?
Yeah, we are not gonna have any fancy computers, only laptops I would think! XD
Inthesciccors best run from yesterday: (I post it here since he does not have a twitch account yet so you can see his "practice").


eTholon: Do Quantic conundrum please! Need to see "safe" strats!
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hmm I'm gonna bring with our own laptop then i think since deponia is trough steam and kings quest is trough gog
Quote from KanBan85:
Do Quantum conundrum please! Need to see "safe" strats!

I'm way too bad at that game at the moment. Would need to learn some new strats and also get all the rust off.
I'm gonna file for a sleeping permit at Nyeport later today, for the night between the 2'nd and 3'rd. Should I file for 1'st to 2'nd as well? I don't think anyone will be sleeping on site that night...
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well i would like to have between 1 and 2 otherwise i would have to go home that evening
Just listing my games :D

Castlevania:Harmony of dissonance: (GBA)

Maxim All Bosses (est 20 min)
Maxim Any% (Est 2 min)

Super Ninja Kun (SFC) (est 30 min)

Wrath of the black manta (Emulator NES) (est 20 min)

Shadow of the ninja (Emulator NES) (est 20 min)
Looks like no one does Eternal Darkness huh? I think i could learn it for the sake of future events
I'm looking at the sleeping permit, and we need "Arranger's signature and phone number." I guess I could sign it myself if it's okay with Ludendi rules and stuff, but I thought it best to ask. If someone else needs to sign it, they'd need to print it out, sign it, scan it, and mail it to RTOS.
I have to wait and see which games are getting added!

Wolfie, please sign it! :D
curseddolls, what estimates you want for your two games? :) Also, we might need templetes for this marathon. stream layouts or whatever it is called :P
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hmm you mean in total for both or for each?
for each :) remember, its for fun so do not have estimates that is too low:)
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curseddolls: 2013-10-07 10:49:25 am
curseddolls: 2013-10-07 10:49:03 am
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i would have to re play kings quest to get a exact estimate on that but they are roughly the same..
i would say 1 hour 15 minutes but if you want i can do a run trough kings quest and check.
better be safe then sorry, so please do that! makes it easier for me to do a accurate schedule!
I sent the document, now I'm responsible for you guys not catching fire while you sleep during the night 2-3'rd of november. So don't catch fire okay.
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there i made a quick run trough and i got 2.22 on kings quest.. but i dodent skip on every place i could so can easy squeeze more but that's what i have right now..
cursed, hmm ok. have you done a run od deponia aswell? :)
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curseddolls: 2013-10-12 08:21:50 am
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yes as i said its already higlighted on my twitch page, 1.14
ok, I need to find a way to get CRT's to the venue, also how we get access to the internet so I aint doing something for nothing :)
Will you reroute our own twitch channels or shall we use dummy accounts?
I was thinking we do like sda does, you stream on the actual marathon-channel but don't forget to write the information on how to follow your channel etc! It's only when we do races we are gonna re-stream something.
Quote from Svenne:
ok, I need to find a way to get CRT's to the venue, also how we get access to the internet so I aint doing something for nothing :)

When I asked Nyeport they said we'd get internet "unless someone accidently unplugs the main cord (you never know)". So that should be fixed already.
ok, good news! Is it open access or do we get like passwords :3