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On november 1-3 we are planning a marathon. It's not 100% sure yet! Just for funsies for our member and our friends, no donations and so forth! Just hang over skype/mumble and have a good time. I think the commentary should be scheduled though! Otherwise it gets messy and confusing to listen to!

Future Schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Al2bOTojRyCldHpiZjJlZUtRRDJ2N21KVG5aNUdXaUE#gid=0

We are atm:

Svenne - AVGN:A, North & South (Vs. on site?) and Super Mario Bros. 2
Crippe (If he does not work)
Pro_JN - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Kottpower - Super Metroid
Dxtr (Nov 1 & 3)
Bogjavel - Mario Kart: Double Dash, Zelda: A Link To The Past
Druvan7 - Mario Kart Double Dash
NLG Crew - Super Mario Kart, UN Squadron
RoboSparkle - Parasol Stars, Batman: Arkham Origins, Batman: Arkham City Glitched%, Harlequin
Dalfen - Otogi 2
Tenderhearted (Not 100% Sure) - Zelda: Skyward Sword
KanBan85 (Nov 2. Before 3 pm) - Braid
iMysty - Super Meat Boy
TheMexicanRunner -
TheMagicToiletbrush - Castle Of Illusion HD
Nudua (Not 100% Sure)
TheGons - AVGN:A
MitchFlowerPower - Super Mario Bros. 3
Inthescissor - Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Linkdeadx2 (Not 100% Sure) Super Mario World
Wolfie - Zelda: The Wind Waker (Master Sword)

* People who wanna hang out but not play anything! :)

Segments: Scary Games (this is halloween after all), Work In Progress, Ludendi & Friends. The rest will be speedrunning I guess! :3
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100% gamer
I can  be on that as well depending on what you are going to do :)
It should be fun, perhaps we could do a couple of blocks, like "work in progress" and "scary games" etc? :)
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MrLonghair: 2013-09-29 03:33:45 pm
I'm interested in this for hanging out, probably unable to find something to run until then unless I just demo something from my collection. (could get a little busy and/or drunk on the 2nd)
I could provide Silver if anyone except edenal is interested in a barely 4hour run.
depends on what is being played i could join^^ or i justr hang out^^
We have to see, this is more for our members and the once who been active in Ludendi over the years! Perhaps we could add a segment, Ludendi & Friends? :3 But just hang could probably work!
I could do a Braid run on the Friday (1st) or Saturday (2nd) (I think)
I'm still asking around, to see who can and wants to be on the marathon! :)
Ludendi & Friends sounds fine too :)
Let me correct that. Best time for me would be Saturday in the daytime. (Before 3 pm).
100% gamer
so we are just hanging in skype/mumble not irl even us that's from here?
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Svenne: 2013-09-30 03:49:19 pm
Svenne: 2013-09-30 03:46:55 pm
I need to see who wants to do their own commentary and so on.

OK KanBan!

Cursed, I could do that, but I don't live in Skövde. No locale is booked etc. for this. It's online or nothing tbh. If it does not get enough support, I cannot do it on my own. :)
I could ask nyeport...?
100% gamer
ok just asked since we haven't had a single meeting since ESA.. :X
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KanBan85: 2013-09-30 07:08:00 pm
I can commentate Braid unless someone else can do so, but I know of no one else who speed-runs Braid in Scandinavia... nor on Team Ludendi...

Oh, and I've just learned how to teleport Tim. It's not very useful as a time-saver (can save <0.5 sec), but it sure is mindblow to watch ;)
Least I can do is hang around if I'm available, don't know if I want to play anything.
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Svenne: 2013-09-30 10:59:03 pm
Quote from Wolfie:
I could ask nyeport...?

Ask if any date between 1-3 of Nov. is free! I know Edenal wanted to come if it had some form of onsite activity. I guess we could do a combined marathon! (need excess 24/7)

Quote from KanBan85:
I can commentate Braid unless someone else can do so, but I know of no one else who speed-runs Braid in Scandinavia... nor on Team Ludendi...

Oh, and I've just learned how to teleport Tim. It's not very useful as a time-saver (can save <0.5 sec), but it sure is mindblow to watch ;)

I love your commentary dude, so people do it yourself! :D
I went to Nyeport to ask today, but the person I need to talk to has her day off today. I could call her, but I don't want to (remember, it's her day off.) She's back tomorrow, so I'll go there then and talk to her.
100% gamer
^ *like button*
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Great initiative!
I'd love to join via remote streaming (from the house of gaming, the Netherlands).

Games I could contribute with:
Super Mario Kart (NTSC) all cups run 150cc (estimate: 40 mins)
UN Squadron (NTSC) any% on difficulty setting of choice (estimate: 45 mins, depending on chosen difficulty)

Sadly, I have nothing scary to offer; feel free to chose or drop any of the 2 suggestions as you wish of course. Other NLG members will be posting their games here shortly.
KVD, believe me, your skills on mario kart alone makes people horney! Looking forward to the rest of the NLG crew to post their games! :D

Let's see what Nyeport says :3
I can play castle of illusion HD. so sign me up. but ill give a time later. dont know when I work etc yet.

can donation be: get Nudua a real freaking mic that does not rape our ears with static? if not im up for anything keks
Oh, yeah and I'd have to join remotely, even if you got a location. Restream my stream or something like that ;)
not to worry, it's a online marathon, maybe some of us like we here in skövde will get together and the dutch will get-together, but on 2 different places in europe! the rest should stream from their place!  XD