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We wanna host a online tournament for the Ludendi Community! I am doing a poll of like 30 games to see what games the community plays so we can hold a tournament! Please write in this thread if you are interested! If we get 10 people or more we will go ahead with the tournament! We are gonna do this abit different, it will be up to you and your opponent to agree upon one game for your bout!

OBS: The people you get as an opponent are random so don't expect getting your best game during any of the races. But probably you will see another group of racers do your game! =)

All emulated games for these systems are free: NES, SNES, SEGA, GB; N64 and PS1.

The games that is not free and you don't have to play them during the tournament are: Star Wars, RTCW, GTA:VC, SuperMeatBoy, Ittle Dew, Braid, Limbo, Monkey Island 3 and Alice: Madness Returns.

(Edit: I tried doing a poll for one hour but the goddamn website could not withstand the awesome power of 30 games in a poll...)

This will be where the bracket and tournament stats will be shown, please sign-up: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/F2G6fAAU4T
These is the games:
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100% gamer
Signing myself up for Alice Mandess Returns.. bring it on! :D
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KanBan85: 2013-11-11 02:42:34 pm
I'm in if the time/date fits my schedule. Someone wanna try Braid?? Kappa

Hopefully I won't have to buy a game...
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PresJPolk: 2013-11-11 06:04:22 pm
Sounds fun.

I lean toward the NES games of course. :)

I will say though that I'm not going to dink around with emulation. But that still leaves a good selection of games I can play.
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I'll pass, blind runs aren't really my thing :)
I'll be watching though!
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
Sounds pretty cool, I'm up for it!  Currently I only play Sonic 2 and Pokemon (Gen 1) with any trace amounts of speed and I'm guessing the Batman listed is not 3d ;)

Either way, I don't have any specific issues with racing any games "blind" (esp. as almost everything on the list I have played or played something in the series) although I do need to get a better PC controller before emulating anything N64-ish.
I'm in guys :) i would love doing blind races on every game in the list, and just hang out having some fun :) realy new to the community but love speedrunning!
blind runs would probably be hilarious xD i'm up for it
I would be in for some Blind Runs too (if both no nothing about the game that would be awesome :D) Also a fun competition in SUper Smash Bros (via PJ64k) would be nice
This sounds like the best idea ever! :D

I've only played a couple of the games listed, so this will truly be "blind" :D. Do I list the games I won't be able to play?
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curseddolls: 2013-11-14 12:03:52 pm
100% gamer
I was thinking, maybe we should have a timer on each game when its on.
that each turn is like 30-60 minutes and the one that has gotten the furthest or finnished
the game first bef it runs out wins the round?

just so we dont wander off too far in a specific game since it is
blind runs and therefore can easaly get out of had.

what do you think?
Sure, we can do that!

I want more to join this. we should atleast be 16 ppl before we decide dates etc! :)
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ozzy88: 2013-11-14 02:42:45 pm
I'll join if the idea Curseddolls proposed sticks. I'm not gonna play games for hours blindly...

I will however laugh at people playing SotN blindly ;D

SotN is not a good game for a "timer-rule" or whatever. It's really hard to measure ones progress in it as it is a Metroidvania-type game. I suppose you could count the amounts of bosses killed as the main thing but it still doesn't make perfect sense.
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j4sp3rr: 2013-11-14 05:16:03 pm
cursed, how would you decide who is further though if people decide to take different routes for whatever reason?

(edit) this links in directly to what ozzy just said about sotn and one's progress
Quote from Nikneim:
This sounds like the best idea ever! :D

I've only played a couple of the games listed, so this will truly be "blind" :D. Do I list the games I won't be able to play?

you can run all games in emulators if you dont own a copy, you can play them all technically ;D
The timer-rule sounds like a good idea for me. I'm not too keen to run games blindly that I know are going to take very long to finish. For example, GTA:VC and Alice are very long games to run if you don't know what you're doing. But if you manage to decide a good rule for this, I will join too!
I am thinking that long games have a different goal than the whole game, like finish the first x part of the game first. Braid is also a game that may take a week if you never played/seen it before.
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curseddolls: 2013-11-14 07:28:05 pm
curseddolls: 2013-11-14 07:27:08 pm
100% gamer
Well in games where its harder to have a time rule where you go different routes etc
you can still use timer and then the one that has killed most bosses etc or something after that time wins.

most of the game always have a main goal in it so can have that as a rule of tumb?
It's easier just having a given destination, beat X level or beat X world! Just sign up on the sign-up link and you are in the tournament!
100% gamer
svenne yes but they where talking about games where u can go different routes.. like in megaman/ sotn etc..
I still think a timer is to be preferred but then u need to have a goal to finish on that timer before the other one does
(or closer to finish it bef the timer runs out).
Svenne, I would love for you to come up with a goal or destination in SotN that would make sense, because I really can't.

You'd have to punish players for exploring the wrong part of the game and in the end the race would just be random, not a test in skill.
in blind runs when you just get the message kill this boss, people would either start looking up the bosses and routes(therefor not making it a blind run at all) or they would indeed run all the wrong way and get lost in time and the way to go, this is a really hard thing to manage, especially if you really want these runs to go perfectly blind for most people. We need to sort this out somehow, or write up guides for everyone so they have exactly the amount of information we want them to have before the race if they run blind, would this be a good idea/something we can do?
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you cant really put up guides either since each race decide what games they want to play.
I mean i have only played 3 games on that list so for me having guides would completely destroy the meaning of a "blind run".

Do what ever you have to do just keep it as clean as possible so u don't ruin the game.
I'd just remove games that are not linear for the line-up. Perhaps games with several stages that you can choose from (megaman-style) you could set to goal to "Beat stage X and Y". Then you'd at least be conformed to those two but be able to take them in what order you desire :P
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if u remove games like that can u reconsider take in trine in a replacment for one of them?