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Edenal: 2013-08-12 11:36:32 am
I created this section so that we could start fresh. There are about 50 people who have access to the planning section for ESA2014, which is great and all. But this time around we've got experience, we already know what to work with. 

This way we have a chance to invite those who showed genuine interest before and during ESA2013 and try to fill the MPIC-spots, and just like Niss3 suggested, let them choose which are best suited to help out with their respective tasks.

Those who have access to this section for now is:
Me, Niss3, Crippe, Svenne, Ozzy, Charleon and MrLonghair. So it's basically same guys as last year, excluding dxtr. (Though we should ask him if he wants to take part in the planning again, but I have not spoken to him since ESA so I would not know how he feel about it)

Persons I think can be included in the planning. Who were either part of it last year, or showed interest since:
Obvious: Pottoww, Alko, Tompa, LotBlind, Oasiz, Bangerra, Jokkah, Grukk
Suggestions: Nev, TimpZ, PresJPolk, KennyMan, KVD, eTholon, Flicky, IcedPingu

Oh well, more to come I guess!
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I'll be happy to help, though it's no sure thing I can attend, due to costs.