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So since I've read a comment by Ozzy88 that he can offer some music i thought why not create a small thread

I can offer some music pices too but mainly 8 bit (since i cant record the compositions I have) feel free to check out my stuff
And Team ESA if you want to use anything just tell me :) https://soundcloud.com/h-zeb-der-zauberer
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Took a quick listen. Sounds good, and I don't mind the death metal tunes either!

Help is always appreciated, we just need to find somewhere where your skills can be put to use. Any creative ideas?
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ESA 2014 promoting video?
Promotion video, background music for team intervbiews, break music something like that :)
Yeah, we have need for music for a promotional video, interviews and break music not sure about that yet.

Also, I don't make music...dunno how I managed to give you that idea :P

Will take a listen to what's on your soundcloud soon!
I guess i misread it then xD if you liek something just tell me and you can have it :)
I took three years of graphics design, if that's of any use.
Pretty nice Music, I tried to do some promotion music to ESA 2013 : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15196514/Hype%20trailer%20V2%20w%20SFX.mp3 but this time around I think Marketing is going to take all my time so I'll leave the musica goodness to you BloodDuster :)
Gotta look to do some more stuff, i have some other songs left but not uploaded yet (mostly metalish 8 bit stuff)
How "Helloooooooow!" can you go?
I actually have made music as well so I can at least listen to whatever someone comes up with and offer suggestions if I feel I can improve it.

Otherwise I have a few things that could possibly be converted into promo video/something something music but that demand arrangements and proper instrumentation. Check out my Noteflight page... http://www.noteflight.com/profile/b662c50b93a0889e7370ace4643234e43d16d32a and try the battle tunes or the Heroic Epic Theme. But yeah it's pretty intensive for me to work on that stuff actively so it really would require someone who does arrangements routinely.

Probably I could also just compose something from scratch and pass it onto someone else for arranging/instrumenation.
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This topic is turning out nice from sharing music! and while we're still on the subject: LotBlind I listened to your tracks and they were generally pretty nice!
I myself tried to do a midi-battletheme some years ago, and here's the result: http://people.dsv.su.se/~topa4413/Musik/Tobias%20Palm%20Nerg%20-%20In%20the%20heat%20of%20battle.mid
And to inspire you awesome musicians even more, here is my Dynamo break boss battle from oh so many years ago:

or some silly old blip blop music?! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/226986

and don't forget to spruce it all with some EPICNESS!!

Now go forth fellow musicians, and make ESA 2014 sound GREAT! :D

(Yes I'm getting über excited about this)
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^ oh how i love peoples exitments :)

btw i can myself offer help when it comes to graphics, sure I'm not the best but its stuff i love to do so :)
Got some new stuff :D

How "Helloooooooow!" can you go?
Hmm... I'd like to hear someone confidently dictate exactly what's called for. Even though I suppose I have developed some talent during the past several years, I actually tend to get stressed by composing instead of energized whenever I try to finish things off. The first session is pretty smooth, inspired, but often tiring after which it takes another month before I feel I can return for more.

Thanks Charleon for listening to what I had on the channel. Most of it wouldn't be suitable for usage before some revisions though. From your stuff I liked the midi battle theme and thought it and the Atlantis Trailer were the best of the bunch. I'm not into the super-pompous orchestral style that some of the boss ones had going to be honest, though I thought it was pretty solid, if quite conventional. Some of it sounded like a wider instrumentation and more empty spaces or clearer melodies would have benefited it... maybe. But from now on should we just focus on stuff that hasn't already been used somewhere? I know you just wanted to let others hear what you've got.

BloodDuster, so that's what death metal is... :) I think it sounds pretty nice for what it is. Don't get me wrong, it's just not my style. Still I think it would sound awesome (Ephemeral Light) with a band and a vocalist a la Metallica. Not just growling please! :D Ok I'm now listening to the band stuff and I'm... yeah, growling... We have interestingly different styles between the three of us currently present in this thread. I'm into a more classical Uematsu style I suppose. BTW did you ever doing 7-beat bars and other such? I felt that would have fit some parts of Ephemeral Light.

If either of you want to send me music in midi format to add more stuff into, we could try a collaboration.

So anyway would it be something like this:
1) Promo video - battle tune or something else rousing? That's the classical choice alongside VGM medleys I think. I thought even Charleon's old medley promo video music sounds nice, why wasn't it used?
2) Team interviews? Wait what's this? Runner interviews after the runs?
3) Break music - I like the idea to have "intermission music" during the pauses for setup like a radio station. That would allow a wide number of variety, almost any tracks could be sent in... Or even live music if musicians are interested.
I have no expirience with 7 beat bars^^ I dont tend to do death metal vocals on my stuff anymore, but i still keep the metal like style in my music (except Ballad Of Shadows And Pain)
But a collab sounds like a really good idea :D
Ad 3) : Thats exactly what i thought when i said "break music"^^ and you even gone beyond that, really a good idea
I like idea 3 a lot but I don't think you can rely on getting that many sent from viewers.  ^_^
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ozzy or people could donate to get their song played during breaks :)
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LotBlind: 2013-10-11 07:11:23 pm
How "Helloooooooow!" can you go?
I expressed myself unclearly: I meant our people could send in music they've recorded/sequenced if they think it's good enough to be used as break music for ESA (which ideally means doesn't have to be super-high standards). And then it doesn't matter if there's a lot or a little of that stuff, they can just be thrown in as waiting music every now and then... Even 8-bit stuff would be more than appropriate I think.

Blood, I sent you a PM. BTW about 7-beat bars I'm thinking of stuff like the 5/8 bars in the verses of Master of Puppets.
well i offered all my stuff i have uploaded, Team ESA just needs to tell me what they want to have for usage and they'll get it :)
Presuming i can actually go(i'm not completely sure) i would be willing to take my Avermedia Live Gamer HD (capture/streaming card) with me for use in one of the streaming machines there? it has hdmi inputs, but we can probably convert that to analog if need be. i could also help set it up if that is neccesary/appriciated
Someone should correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think all of the technical aspects of the stream setup for ESA 2014 is already done.

But it's always good to have more options of course =)
An option or 2 in terms of backup wouldn't seem like a terrible idea right?
I can just bring it its a small box(smaller than most laptops except for the thickness) so it would not be too much of a burden

Anyways thanks for the response :)
I'm sure you will understand that it's not an option to rely on an individual that might or might not be able to attend.

We are going to use 4x identical (or very very close to) scaler setups to convert anything analog a digital format. This is equipment we want to provide ourselves to be in total control of quality and be able to provide sufficient education on how it all works.

However you bring up an interesting point about backups and emergency plans. Which we don't really have at the moment. Any help manning and running the streaming station is appreciated and needed for the event to run smoothly. It's currently me and Oasiz who are running the stream computers and working out the logistics, but ideally we should only teach other persons how to run it, take a step back and only help out if things to south.

We will be calling out for volunteers in a couple of months. Until then, hold on :)
i've been streaming for multiple organisations(game casting and such crap) and work with capture cards and multiple stream programs at home.(i have experience in xsplit and OBS)
the only thing i cant make is overlays(i haven't done anything with photoshop yet) but i can apply them and stuff.

so if i'm not running i might be able to help out at the streaming station, i dont wanna be stuck there all event though, because it'll be my first ESA and i wanna experience it to the fullest :)
I said this already, but I have three years of graphics design education, and I'm experienced in both Photoshop and Illustrator. If I could get a general idea for what we want I could probably make an overlay