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Wolfie: 2013-09-25 02:39:36 pm
Yo. I'm Wolfie. Swede, based out in Skövde, so close to ESA and everything. I practice running Wind Waker mostly, but I'm not against expanding if I find more fun games to run. Hopefully I'll be able to run at ESA 2014. I don't have a jp disc (nor a console to run it yet), and my GBA cable is broken, but... Tunerless English world record is only 11% longer than JP Tuner. (4:30-ish against 5:00-ish)

hype? i guess. esa 2014 sure is

edit: oh yeah i forgot. i stream at twitch.tv/hakurou46 at times, but i need to get myself a cap card since the one i've used a few times isn't mine. Suggestions?
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100% gamer

and welcome :)
Yo Wolfie! We had that talk on Ages! Good luck and see you sometime soon? ;)
I'm at Ages basically every day. Come by whenever, I guess?

Good luck with all the technical stuff as well as the Wind Waker practice!