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Link to videos on the leaderboards, at least for the top times. Then I'll just replace the Red Candle records page with the Zelda 2 leaderboard. :)
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Yeah sure, atm we only have the current records on video. I guess we can make the names of every person who got a run on the leaderboard click-able so you can watch their run, should not be a problem!

We thank everyone who have ideas for doing the homepage a better and more sexy place to watch! ;)
Excellent. I'll will incorporate nintendo-records leaderboard into redcandle then.
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Svenne: 2012-12-07 07:17:16 am
I also put a video-icon beside every name that has a recorded time so people understand that they can press the name to watch that certain run! Thanks Inzult for giving me that idea!
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PresJPolk: 2012-12-09 12:55:26 am
Integration complete. http://redcandle.us/adventure-of-link/records/

It's really hacky and if you change the site much I'll have to fix it but... for now it'll do.
Change name colors!

I can't read blue on gray :S
Yeah, why don't we use say... Willow Red as the default site theme?
Sure, we can try it, just need to change the colors on the nintendo power logo!