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Hello ESA2014 planning crew!

The idea is to get things done and talk them through on Skype. The format we will try is to have 1 important topic to focus on per meeting and the meetings shouldn't have to take more then around 30min. In that time I believe we can keep on track and get things done without getting into all aspects of the planning and at least make sure we're all up to speed on that one topic by the end of the meetings.

I will be in charge of scheduling and informing you of the next meeting and what topic we aim to discuss that time. I will make a post here one week in advance.

If you want an email sent to you, put down your email in this thread https://teamludendi.taigaforum.com/post/mailing_list.html
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Next meeting should be about the content which needs to go into the game suggestions thread.

I propose that we try to live-stream it and take questions and suggestions from chat during the meeting.

Those who shall attend the meeting should probably just be those in charge of creating and maintaining threads since this is not a meeting about the current content of the thread or the exact content that it will have. Also, I think that will be around the right amount of people for the task.

If it's decided that the rest of the planning crew needs to have a chance to voice their oppinions as well I suggest that we refer them to the thread containing notes we'll be taking during the meeting so that they can make themselves heard.

The date of the meeting is not decided yet but I hope we can have it after X-mas but before the New Year arrives. I gotta check my own avaiability before I can suggest anything as well.
Beer Strats
Game Suggestion meeting will be happening Friday 17/01 or the following weekend.
Anyone involved please let me or Ozzy know on skype when you're available in that timeperiod so we can set up a specific time.
(People that volunteered: Ozzy, Svenne, bangerra, flicky, Crippe, Joka, MrLonghair, Oasiz + good to have Edenal there?)
20 CET for the gamecrew
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It has been a week of game suggestions now (soon). Should we have a meeting and sort through the suggestions so far, or should we wait until we close the thread and go through everything?
Check out suggestions (VODs of runs if available), gather thoughts in preparation for roundtable, make notes until it's threadclosure-time.
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We could go through the list and announce some cuts that we all agree on so far.
It would show that we are alive at least :>
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Joka: 2014-02-03 09:41:02 am
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My suggestion: Page 1-6, "obvious" cuts -meeting, wednesday 8pm (CET)