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DreamHack, the biggest E-Sport event in the world reached out to us and wants us to be there! We are gonna offer a show and a marathon there. Probably gonna preform infront alot of people! Everything will ofc. be streamed live! We will get vip treatment, get free access and sleeping area etc.

They provided us with four pictures!

We will have all the details by Monday!

My goal is to invite all the Swedish Ludendi runners and if some people outside Sweden wants to come and have good games, they are allowed to do so!

Runners: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1a533ySUBq93DjCODq7gPM464sq0eeF7ZxxrrUYftCC4/edit#gid=0
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sadly i dont have any holiday left.... i spent it all on ESA^^ but give it all your best guys :D
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curseddolls: 2014-05-02 07:12:22 am
100% gamer
If i had an abillity to travel there I would be there in a heart beat..
But with no car its a bit to hard to travel with a lcd screen and high tower :(
i would love to go to dreamhack and chill there but its expensive as fucking hell to get there, if there's any way this can be combined with intelpack4dreamhack (dutch initiative to travel to dreamhack and back) i would love to come over.
actually now that i think about it i'm saving money on my trip to ESA(because i'm probably not attending, but since the attendance to dreamhack is free, i might be able to just buy a plane ticket there and go, i would love to attend it because i've wanted to attend dreamhack for 2 years now and this would be an awesome chance for it!)
V.I.P treatment is probably slightly exaggerated :)

Runners who participate in the speedrunning demonstration/event will get their entrance fee payed and a spot to sleep in the mass housing. I don't think that necessarily means a seat/table for a computer. (I actually assume it won't)

We are going to talk to the PR manager who works at Dreamhack tomorrow. More information will follow.