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I'm pretty sure everyone knows this game. It's currently the only game I'm speedrunning, and I was wondering if anyone else on here is running it as well?

In case you've never seen a Wind Waker run, it's a treat if there ever was one. A lot of edge clipping, unintended area access, weird death abuse (not to respawn somewhere closer to the goal, but to fly), and most prominently, Storage. If you have wind waker and you've never chest stored, do it someday. It's a blast even if you have no idea what to do with it.

Anyway, I have no times for a full run yet. I could get a JP copy, but I'd have nothing to play it on. NTSC and PAL are exactly alike (called EN). You need to set the camecube to 60Hz mode though, or the game'll run at 25fps.

I can answer most questions about the run or the game, but keep in mind I haven't learned all the routes or tricks yet.
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Sound good so far! Keep it up!
After 45 attemps, I finally got the god damn Hyrule Castle skip. God DAMN leaf pumping is annoying.