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1. Go here: https://trello.com

2. Make an account (you can use your google-account if you want to). Please use a good account name so we know who is who!

3. Ask someone to invite you to the "ESA 2014" orginization. Right now the admins are: Me, bangerra, crippe, ozzy, oasiz, grukk, lotblind, mrlonghair.

4. You also need to be added to the "ESA 2014 Planning"-board. Admins can do this by going to the board page and to the right there's an option to add more members from the organization.

5. Done! Don't mess everything up.
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Some rules about the board:

* Stuff in "To Do" has not been started at all.
* Stuff in "Doing" has been started in some way. Please write comments on what's left to do.
* Stuff in "Blocked! Needs attention" needs to be handled in some way asap, because something unexpected has come up.
* Stuff in "Basically done" have some little detail that needs attention before they are moved to "Done".
* Stuff in "Done" are completely done and does not need any more thought.
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Do not be afraid to create many, small, specific tasks, if you feel that something is missing!
Add me to the board please!
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Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Quote from Edenal:
Add me to the board please!

Me too, please ^^ I'm called 'Alko' on trello (who would have guessed? xD)