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100% gamer
Just posting this in case anyone want some help making overlays.
Always fun to work in photoshop, and to do it for others makes it more exiting.

Overlays I made to Meridian

Halloween overlay

Well anyways if anyone want some help I'm more then happy to be of service.
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They look very awesome!!
Omg this looks great. Can you also create Twitch Banners?
But that's a lot of work so maybe i won't ask about this XD
looks fucking great :D would be cool if you'd help me out a bit as well :D
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curseddolls: 2013-12-10 11:26:49 am
100% gamer
I have been doing banners as well yes..
Sometimes a banner/image job take time but usually it don't take that much of time,
all that needs is a good portion of inspiration.

100% gamer
If anyone want some help as I said just write here or talk to me on my skype: cursed.dolls
I would love to get one based on zelda 2 :)
Yours are definitely more clean than mine, but I've made some for the ludendi community too! so I'm joining in on the showcase:

WIP for Edenal:

I¨'m also up for some commissions, let's make ludendi the best looking team in speedrunnign! :)
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curseddolls: 2013-12-10 01:52:57 pm
100% gamer
Well I guess it is a matter of taste, I never like when an overlay get to messy..
Simple but nice is my motto and how I do it.
those are amazing cursedolls! would you mind making one for me too?
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curseddolls: 2013-12-10 02:34:33 pm
100% gamer
Quote from BloodDuster:
those are amazing cursedolls! would you mind making one for me too?

Sure, but as I said always easier if people talk to me on skype :)
What I need to make one is what resolution u stream in, and if people want extra things like chat area.
Do people want a specific theme, colours etc..
i'll contact you in the evening :)
100% gamer

Made an zelda themed overlay
thats awesome :D
wow, that Link overlay is  super cool!!
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curseddolls: 2013-12-10 05:31:14 pm
curseddolls: 2013-12-10 05:23:47 pm
100% gamer
mirrors edge to jasper

curseddolls, you really shouldn't upload to anything that compresses to jpg.
100% gamer
It doesn't matter since this is just examples on what I have done.
If anyone want the real deal they have to get it from me on skype.

Edenal's new stream layout :) .. and I need new requests!
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curseddolls: 2013-12-13 08:16:31 am
100% gamer
Meridian VS BlooDDusteR megaman overlay

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KanBan85: 2013-12-14 11:42:09 am
Could you make one for me for when I am streaming "Superhot!"?

I need frame for keyboard and timer (no web-cam).

100% gamer
sure I can do that please tell me when you need it done and in what resolution
It can be done whenever you have time. No particular event or anything like that.

I stream in 1600 x 1050 which is then downscaled to 1120 x 700 so I guess the overlay should be in 1600 x 1050.
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ozzy88: 2013-12-16 03:14:04 pm
ozzy88: 2013-12-16 03:13:45 pm
I'll post my silly overlays, just for fun.

If anyone care to improve them in any way feel free to do so and I'll gladly use that instead ;)
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curseddolls: 2013-12-19 04:53:14 pm
100% gamer
Created a christmas overlay for myself :)
Sure it looks dark but have a snow gif on it with a black background so it gets cosyer :)