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So! I'm using xSplit to stream, and I found out half a month ago that it's compatible with flash-files, which opens up so many possibilities.

For instance on my stream I have a Mortal Kombat "Toasty!!" Guy popping up in my lower rightern part of the gamescreen every time i do something awesome (I just need to click that part of the twitch screen where the swf is positioned to make this possible). I also did a small project with an "uuaaa-uaa-uaa" Ryu from streetfighter bouncing in on the screen when I do poorly, with another click an urn falls from the top of the screen, smashes into him and he goes "Uaaa-uaaa" again (ryu always smashes my urns..). So yeah, the possibilities are endless.

If you guys are using xSplit and would like something cool for your stream, or even have suggestions for things I could use, please do share your thoughts!

I even use the ESA 13 modified Sega-logo from TimpZ in the Hype Video

Edit: As it is now, you would need to actually press an area in xSplit where the Swf is to make it activate, but me and my brother has made a joint effort to actually create a program that does activate global hotkeys for the activation of the animations, pretty neat!
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100% gamer
I have this little cute gif on my stream atm.

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Charleon: 2013-05-16 12:42:49 pm
Haha, cute :).

Yeah, Of course gifs could be used as well, the thing with Flashes is that they could be tailor-made pretty easily to do whatever you want, with the only prerequisite you have the sprites you want used at hand. The animation could activate whenever you want to. For instance I'm pondering to do a megaman climbing the WSplit window randomly every x minutes, or when I finally get the SDA run Frog from Chrono trigger will come in on the screen, take out his masamune, cleave the gamescreen in half and "teh urn", or an urn will emerge :)

Also, I don't know which software we are going to use at ESA, but if we are using xSplit, I could make something cool that we could play in.. well, I ahve no idea at the moment :)
Sounds very challenging, the one with Frog.

No good ideas comes to mind right now. :/