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PresJPolk: 2014-03-06 07:08:27 am
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PresJPolk: 2014-03-06 07:06:17 am
So, I'm proposing we do a relay race of three teams on March 22.  We'll have three teams, Team Sweden, Team USA, and Team Canada, since virtually all active Zelda 2 runners are from those three countries.

Signups will be capped at one player per team per game, so each team can have up to 7 players.  When the race  happens each player will have to do at least one race, even if there aren't 7 players per team.

New Game+ No OOB
100% All Keys (FDS)
New Game+
Any% No Door Fairying
Any% (FDS)
100% All Keys

This is a mix of categories that should give anyone a chance to play.  The most-run categories are represented at the start and finish, and All Keys gets a second crack via FDS.  NDF is also All Keys-like.

Please signup in this thread, or by contacting me directly.  If you want to participate, but aren't in one of those three countries, we can figure it out. We'll probably give you to Team Sweden.
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