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This is so awesome! I need to start doing more Zelda 2 so I can keep up with you guys!

The homepage is updated! http://nintendo-records.com/home/nes/Zelda2.html
Feasel any% Deathless 1:05:19
Oh nice! I will update the time and wait for the video!

ER 100% - 1:28:05 - http://www.twitch.tv/duxcub/c/1861007
NG+ with major skips 12:52

ER 100% - 1:27:26 - http://www.twitch.tv/carapace_/c/1861327

(Had to include this 20 second gem separately aswell http://www.twitch.tv/carapace_/c/1861339)
Pres, that is one heck of a run and it's good that you are pushing it! When you find atleast one opponent who does NG+ with major skips I will put it on the leaderboard! ;)

Carapace, that is awesome! I managed to get the once during the October races! ;)

Gentlemen, the leaderboard is updated: http://nintendo-records.com/home/nes/Zelda2.html
Update Update Update

ER 100% - 1:27:21 - http://www.twitch.tv/duxcub/c/1863765
What are these forums?

ER - 1:21:22 - http://www.twitch.tv/error72/c/1864562
These forums are a combination of Nintendo-Records, Ludendi, and ESA I guess.

NG+  Glitched, 12:05

And I don't mind that this isn't on the boards. I'm the only one running it.  My WRs by default make me happy as-is. :)
Quote from PresJPolk:
These forums are a combination of Nintendo-Records, Ludendi, and ESA I guess.

That is true! Ludendi/ESA has a seperate part of it! :D

And I like people who take their game or category to the max even if they are the only one doing it so it is awesome!

And so the Any% Glitched runs begin. NG+ becomes a fun run category, at least until someone else starts running it. :)
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1:27:45 100% All Keys


I am happy with this, being it was my 8th that I finished the game! :3

PS: be sure to post you new pb's here so I can gather them all! by the looks of it, feasel or heidrage will be #10 spot now, so we have gotten the #10 spot down from 1:49 to 1:29, truly amazing guys!
100% All Keys [1:25:28] http://www.twitch.tv/carapace_/c/1873707
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Svenne: 2013-02-02 02:46:02 am
Svenne: 2013-01-31 01:51:11 pm
Awesome Simpol, you are really pushing it! I will update the leaderboard later!

Edit: JN got a new wr on any% deathless, 1:03:56 @ http://www.twitch.tv/pro_jn/c/1887710

Will update every run on Sunday!
100% All Keys [1:23:58] http://www.twitch.tv/carapace_/c/1888914
That was a really nice run Cara, grats again on the sub 1:24
NG Glitched: 38:31

Coming after the Feas...
100% All Keys [1:23:21] http://www.twitch.tv/carapace_/c/1895999
Finally Simpol, grats! I´m happy for you!
NG Glitched: 32:45

Witness the heartbreak of that last split:

I needed -9:58 for the WR...
Gentlemen, the leaderboard is updated: http://nintendo-records.com/home/nes/Zelda2.html
100% All Keys [1:22:42] http://www.twitch.tv/carapace_/c/1908661
So I kept grinding at it, and eventually realized I was probably good enough now to at least break even skipping the second scroll lock, and instead just manning up for medicine cave.  So I'm doing only two healer glitches now.

There's still a few more minutes that can come off of this, most of it in a better second glitch.  But 28:14 it is. NG Glitched.