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100% gamer
I'm working on learning this game to be able to speedrun it.
Its not that many that actually runs this game, on top of my head I have zawj,
dokal, frasse, g0fr3t, darth colette and me (might have misspelled someone's name).

Colette and me are the only one that do new game + on normal difficulty,
the other plays it on nightmare.

I play it with DLC content which means dress and weapons.
Sadly got no real timers yet since I need an extra monitor for that first,
but I try to train at least once a day sometimes I slack and don't do it but mostly I have the energy for it.

Zawj and Frasse is the guys that invents most of the skips in the game.

About the game
The game it self is as of course about Alice and her wonderland but also about regaining
her lost memories on why her house caught fire and killed her whole family.

It is a third person platforming action(?) game with a lot of OOB, death abuse and glitch skips.

[Be able to play it at ESA 2014]
I have always wanted to have a game as well at ESA and since everyone says if you want
to learn how to speedrun, do it with a game that you love.
Said and done I took thous kindly advices and I took Alice Madness Returns to break it down.

I don't know if I will be ready for ESA 2014 as I want to be but I will at least be one step closer,
to be able to play at ESA x year.

We'll see how it all turns out..
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Don't be so modest, I've seen you pull some kick-ass stunts in that game already!

It's just a matter of moving on, to learn new things and practice until you nail it ;)
100% gamer
heh you making me blush..
thanks for the kind words..

i will update this post when i have more to add to my Alice :)
100% gamer
I know I have said "I will never race in Alice Madness returns",
and now I'm going to get to eat up my every word.

Dokal was on my stream last night and asked if I wanted to be in the next
race, it would include everyone that runs it to race against each other as
well as zawj handicapping himself playing with a controller instead of kb/m.

And I said "wth, YOLO so sure I can go and make a fool out of myself
and let others have fun with it"

So to be announced, curseddolls is going to be in an Alice Madness Returns chapter 1 race.
Date is not set yet..

Feel free to drop by when it happens or whenever I'm training of course.. :)
100% gamer
First time I managed to succeed on this pain in the ass skip :)
Awesome feels!

Haha, that flexing =D

Congratulations on getting the trick!
100% gamer
hehe thank you ozzy :)
now i just need to get it done consistently :)
you save around 20 seconds doing that one..
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curseddolls: 2013-09-28 12:49:38 pm
100% gamer
Had a nice time training on Alice today, did both new skips on chapter 1 today in mad hatter
also finished the new upskirt skip in chapter 2 and some tries on the locker skip..
I'm so grateful that Zawj is there helping me trough the skips.
Would never have made it without dokal or Zawj..

Had to end the stream since i feel really ill, I'll see if i get back on later..
100% gamer
Alice update:
chapter 1 and 2 are now 100% completed with all the skips.
Now going to start break down chapter 3 and 4.
Wow, that was quick for chapter 2.
100% gamer
:) chapter 2 was already broken down accept 2 skips but now i have them done as well..
chapter 3 is also quit finished at least the basic skips but going to check the news kips over it and implement them.

chapter 4 i have touched a little but it is that and chapter 5 that i have not finished what so ever..
100% gamer
Pain in the ass locker skip chapter 2

Hey girl I wanna know! What are the lines in this game XD http://www.twitch.tv/curseddolls/c/3040873
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curseddolls: 2013-10-14 05:25:11 pm
100% gamer
Oh that is a thing you can use while learning, its shows you death barriers, trigger areas, hit boxes etc.
Only allowed while training and finding new skips in the game.
100% gamer
Update for the funsies..
Have made an 5 minutes improval of chapter one.
And that still with a few misses..

100% gamer
This will probably the best highlight I will ever make from Alice.
Watch and enjoy!