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exe: 2013-12-10 08:53:56 am
Yeah i finally got a run i'm very happy about.
Like in over 80% of my runs in that past, the final boss REZ went unlucky this time too. But this run was played very good besides RNG.
Only a few execution errors and so i'm very happy about this.
Yes you can save time in this run, but there are many situations where you can fail and loose time easily, so a perfect run with execution + luck is a hell of a run.
I grind this game for many weeks, find new Stuff like Skips, Glitches, Tricks, Routes and this is by far the best run i've ever done. It made me a little bit sad that the RNG God was not on my sight, but he wasn't there in sooo many runs in the past so why this time? XD

Gex 64: EtG any% on orig.N64
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Seems like a very neat game. Remember seeing the box at the video game store as a kid :)