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Time to join as well! I had a great time with many of you guys during ESA. I'm particular Nintendo fan, especially nes, snes game boy, Virtual boy and Nintendo 64. For ESA however I played Donkey Kong Country Returns.
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100% gamer
hahaha virtual boy.. just makes me smile and think of avgn :)
anyway welcome :)
100% gamer
I loved the Virtual Boy. Got mine in 96. I thought Red Alarm and Wario Land were amazing games. I think I'm one of the few fans of that system :)
Hello dude, welcome to our forums! If you want to write about your progress in different games please do so, we are all interestedin how people are doing here!
'ello Partystar, glad to see you in our domains! :)
How "Helloooooooow!" can you go?
Hi Partystar! I remember you from kitchenwork so I'm going to make an appearance on this thread.
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Hi Partystar and welcome ^__^ Don't know what the 'however' is there for; DKCR is on a Nintendo console :þ
Quote from Alko:
Hi Partystar and welcome ^__^ Don't know what the 'however' is there for; DKCR is on a Nintendo console :þ

maybe cuz it's not a more classic console? he's mainly talking about nes snes n64 and virtual boy, DKCR is not on any of those platforms obviously
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Thanks everyone for the welcome.

I somewhat make a distinction between these classic Nintendo consoles, that to me feels different than everything that came after these consoles. DKCR feels like a mix of retro and modern gaming and since it isn't overplayed yet, I felt, it was a good game for the speedrunning purpose I had in mind, which is both exploration/routing and striving for perfection. I'm also a collector, and started more than 20 years ago. I took good care of my games, which I all still have.

And LotBlind. I'm surely gonna offer kitchen duties for next ESA!
Partystar, you know we are all looking forward to a run of the new DKCR! <3