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There are three different rules on getting into Team Ludendi and getting into the Twitch Team.

#1: You are a member of Föreningen Ludendi in Skövde, Sweden.

#2: You have done a speed run during ESA, The European Speedster Assembly.

#3: Every year 10 exceptional recruits are chosen who will help further the goals of the organization. People with Ludendi's best in mind. These are chosen by Frezy_man and Svenne.
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Hello, I wanted to apply for the Twitch team.
Well I am not from Sweden or ever done a run for ESA.
But I am speedrunning since a quit while now, for almost 10 months and look into continuing it.
I have done alot of speedruns in the past months, like Super Meat Boy, Portal and concentrated mostly on Super Mario World lately.
I see forward to try some Kingdom Hearts just to try something new.
Of course I followed the past ESAs which inspires me to continue what I am doing as a hobby.
I know I don't have that many followers yet, but being part of the Team would be awesome.
Just to meet a few new speedrunners and improve myself.
I would be happy to get such a chance.
Thanks for the pitch! Maybe in the future we could consider adding you but right now the additions to the team are limited!
It's okay. I just wanted to let you guys know I am interested in joining you.