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ESA-merchandise is a subject that been discussed within the planing group long before ESA2013. It's nothing new and not anyone's personal project.

It's well within my and our rights to intervene if it's believed that someone that's representing the event in any form could and should do it differently. We are all adults, handling criticism is part of that.
You are right that we cannot force anyone to create and account at the SDA forum, we can however actively disavow any anonymous post. Of the two, it should be clear which one's better.

I and we do what's believed to be in the best interest of the event. Not everyone will agree but that's life.

Quote from j4sp3rr:
This gives her the right to plan this thing however she desires, if you want to take this up as ESA completely, put her in the damn planning group and let her access the ESA account so she can do this, it was her idea
to begin with and i feel she should be the one executing it, she has the best idea of how SHE wants to do this.

You are way over the line with this statement. It can only be described with a famous quote.
and bashing something and taking their idea instead of asking them to help out is not over the line?
you cannot just take an idea out of sombody's hands after telling them to work on the project, all you could have done to do this correctly is ASK if you could take it up with planning.

if i went out of line, which i might have, all i did is join you on that side
Your problem seems to be with me personally, which is fine.

I and we have no responsibility to include anyone in the planing group simply to be nice. You have no clue about what plans and discussion we've had and most of your arguments are yet again based on assumptions and ideologies rather than facts. If you have an issue with me, or the way ESA is being organized, raise that question elsewhere.

From here on out, anything related to ESA and planing will be kept from the public until it's been discussed thoroughly in-house. Having this discussion over and over again is taking draining energy that could have been put to better use elsewhere.

When necessary we will ask for feedback from select individuals.

Use this forum to discuss what's already been decided.