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I wasn't aware the intent of this was to be blind?  Not what I understood.
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Quote from PresJPolk:
I wasn't aware the intent of this was to be blind?  Not what I understood.

then bash svenne.. he have said its blind to everyone else accept writing it into the topic :)
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PresJPolk: 2013-11-16 03:01:18 pm
HEh yeah, I got into it because I thought the point was that two players could negotiate a game. :)

So can we get a clarification?
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you negotiate what game you are going to compete against in,
but the run is blind.
Well then I'm out since the games I have aren't going to be blind, heh.
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curseddolls: 2013-11-16 03:10:34 pm
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I don't think it matters if one is blind and the other one is not,
I mean after all the list includes many well known games.

Its just people like me that have not played many of them :)
and I wouldn't care if I played against one that knew what it was doing as long as he/she
didn't speedrun so I had 0 chance ;D
Pres: it doesint have to be blind. It just depends on who you get during the draft and what you guys decide.

When we get 16 people in the tournament, I am gonna close it or should we ahve a time-limit?
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You can close it by the end of the month i think that is a reasonably amount of time..
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I mean if u have gotten 16 before then
Close at 16 should be a good idea.
And now we are 16 and these are your opponents: http://challonge.com/ludendi1

Please add me on Skype to get ahold of me easier: DonSvenne
Svenne and PresJPolk are gonna race: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link!
Yeah I decided to go back since it sounds ok if I'm trying NOT to be blind. :)
funfragger, add me on skype i guess: j4sp3rr
I added you bro :D
J4sp3rr and Myself gonne Race Castlevania : SOTN :)
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cant everyone just join the skype group we have already instead?
so we can talk over there..
Me and Nikneim is gonna race A link to the past this weekend, HYPE
I think it's good we are using the forums! :D And perhaps we might have a Mumble working soon! <3
svenne i could host a teamspeak server if you want, that's free cuz it's just gonna be ran from home(100 mbit upload @ home so it should be fine)
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ts is worse then ventrilo..
mumble is great but u can still check raidcall that i linked you.
how is teamspeak bad? in sound quality it most definitely isn't, and mumble is kinda gay to setup, i could try it but last time i tried the quality turned to shit xD
Meridianprime, what game to play? Id' like Zelda ALTTP (if more than one pair can play the same game) or Monkey Isalnd 3.
Yeah, everyone can have the same game if you want
Beer Strats
TheGons vs bangerra - BATMAN BLIND - no practice

We need a good goal though